Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The heart, first to depart,
is soon followed
by the other parts,

falling, as will being,
through the many
sickening distractions.

The stone mouth idles.
The pining lover,
whom you mistook for feeling,

had been heartless
even as a child.
Of what could he repent?

The different days are all
a trial of moods.
Embers may be sifted

from behind the eyes,
winds kindled in the ribs.
Please, may this be so.

May we not break
at the sharp point
or impede

the wheeled vehicle
our sleep has balanced.
Through inevitable

refinement to love,
may we frame fragments
in the generous
number of the house.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Every event has a cause
but the sequence of events is random
and nothing happens for a reason
or by necessity

You might have argued differently
had you believed explanations
for the absence of character
that belied your achievements

Company had eased delirium
Unfamiliar caregivers brought blankets
and pieces of meat to the vigil
they sat as you strengthened

You belonged, after all, elsewhere
It was time to leave your secret place
The hoot owl called to take you back
Sadness tumbled like a river deep within

The shit you had smeared across your face
could have been streaks of painted color
and you wanted to prove fearless
even with your fallen understanding

Saturday, June 5, 2010


There is a word
that is an executioner
and a person
who lost his head
that heard the word

You have seen yourself act
    like an animal
and would regain, if you could,
    the human footing

You are a part of nothing

The parts make sounds
that hold their unity
at a distance